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Sparta: War Of Empires

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Sparta: War Of Empires

Sparta: War of Empires ist ein strategisches MMO-Videospiel, in dem Spieler vor der Aufgabe stehen, ihre eigene Stadt zu erbauen, Truppen auszubilden und in. Sparta: War of Empires - Wenn eine feindliche Übermacht vor der Tür steht und Tribut fordert, heißt's, keine Zeit verlieren und zu den Waffen greifen! Sparta: War of Empires ist ein strategisches MMO-Videospiel, in dem Spieler vor der Aufgabe stehen, ihre eigene Stadt zu erbauen, Truppen auszubilden und in.

Sparta - War of Empires: Alles, was du über die Wächter wissen solltest

Sparta: War of Empires. Gefällt Mal · Personen sprechen darüber. Enter the ancient mythical world of Sparta – War of Empires™. Command your. Sparta: War of Empires - Wenn eine feindliche Übermacht vor der Tür steht und Tribut fordert, heißt's, keine Zeit verlieren und zu den Waffen greifen! Sparta: War of Empires ist ein Freemium-MMO Strategie-Videospiel, des Spieleentwicklers Plarium für Webbrowser. Das Spiel wurde im März ins Leben gerufen.

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Strategische Bündnisse mit deinen griechischen Nachbarn eröffnen dir immer wieder neue Möglichkeiten, um deinen Machtbereich friedlich zu erweitern. Hast du das Zeug zum Herrscher des antiken Griechenlands? Sparta: War of Empires ist ein Freemium-MMO Strategie-Videospiel, des Spieleentwicklers Plarium für Webbrowser. Das Spiel wurde im März ins Leben gerufen. Wir schreiben das 5. Jahrhundert v. Chr.: Das antike Griechenland ist in Aufruhr und unterliegt der Bedrohung von Xerxes und seiner persischen Armee. Sparta: War of Empires ist ein strategisches MMO-Videospiel, in dem Spieler vor der Aufgabe stehen, ihre eigene Stadt zu erbauen, Truppen auszubilden und in.

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To receive an increased reward, the player must be in the main composition of the Alliance. The number of Points required to receive an increased reward depends on the number of soldiers in the Alliance.

Tournament for Alliances. In Greece, not only personal Tournaments are held, but also Tournaments for Alliances. These are competitions in which the total number of Points earned by all alliance soldiers is taken into account.

After the end of the Tournament, the participants of the main staff of the Alliance will receive an equal reward if they scored the required number of Points.

Tournament "Fast Progress". To earn Points in the Quick Progress Tournament, you need to:. Tournament "War in the Caches". Special Points are given for the troops destroyed and lost in battle, as well as for collecting resources in the Caches.

The amount of Points earned depends on the number of troops destroyed and lost in the battle, as well as on the type and amount of resources collected.

Coin collection is most encouraged. For Denarii, grain, bronze and wood are awarded less points. The more Points you collect for the entire duration of the Tournament, the higher the reward.

The total points are updated only after the return of troops with resources to the policy. Competition of the Philarchs. Show what your Philarch is capable of in the new Tournament!

You can earn Points in two ways:. Tournament "Match of the Capitals". Special points are given for raising the level of their Alliance Capital, as well as for lowering the level of the enemy.

The number of points earned also depends on the number and characteristics of the destroyed enemy troops.

The more points you score during the Tournament, the higher the reward. Moving city. Accurate and Random Carry - items with which you can move your policy.

There are two types of items:. Points for transfer appeared on the map of Sparta - zones available for use.

You cannot scout, capture, or rob them. All your troops will return from the transfer points if the policy to which you sent the capture or reinforcements became the transfer point during the movement of troops.

The caravans that you sent to the policy that became the transfer point will be unloaded and returned. All troops sent from such a policy will remain in the destination policies.

You can purchase items for the transfer of the city on the Market by clicking on the tab "Miscellaneous", then - "Special offers". Masters are special workers who add a parallel line of construction to your policy.

Hire a Wizard to build or upgrade two buildings at the same time. With each new Master you hire, the number of parallel queues will increase!

To hire a Wizard, click on the numbers above the "Build" button in the panel on the right, select "Buy Wizards", view the information in the appropriate window and confirm your decision.

The Academy allows you to improve the performance of troops. This can be done using the Scrolls of Knowledge.

There are several different disciplines at the Academy. Distribute Scrolls in the Knowledge Tree to increase the speed of troops, reduce their training time and develop your policy.

To attach the Scroll, click on the improvement you are interested in, and then on the "Explore" button. You can return the Scrolls and apply them to improve another warrior by clicking on the "Change" button.

How to use Knowledge Scrolls? Go to the Academy. There you will see different learning disciplines. Click on the available skill and confirm your choice by clicking "Explore" in the window that appears.

Preparation for each of the disciplines will take some time. To move to the next discipline of training, you will need to distribute the Scrolls to the previous ones.

The requirements for each new skill can be found in the tooltips. How to redistribute Scrolls of Knowledge? If you want to redistribute the Scrolls by discipline, you can do it for free, but only once.

For subsequent changes, use the Equalizer. It can be purchased at the Market. The bloodthirsty troops of the Persians ravage the holy land of Hellas.

Xerxes, imagining himself a living god, wants to desecrate the Pantheons - the great and beautiful temples dedicated to the Olympian gods.

Kill the Xerxes warriors - and the gods of Olympus will reward you with Orihalk - the miraculous metal from which the divine weapons are forged.

Orihalk will allow you to turn your army into a royal. Tsarist troops are superior to conventional ones in terms of combat performance and consume significantly less grain for their maintenance.

Orichalcum will accumulate in the vaults of the Pantheon. It is available to every warrior of the Alliance guarding this Pantheon.

Improvement of the Pantheons and Tsarist troops. The higher the level of the Pantheon, the more types of troops you can turn into Royal troops:.

Transfer Orihalka. Alliance leadership can transfer Orihalk to other Pantheons, but only at a certain distance. At the same time, a certain amount of Orihalka is sacrificed to ensure a safe road the amount is determined depending on the distance between the Pantheons and on their level of development.

The creation of the royal army. All improvements made by the warriors of your Alliance are stored in the Improvement History in the Pantheon window.

The capital of the Alliance. The capital of the Alliance, built by the Head, will help to increase the influence of the Alliance and improve the performance of the army.

Immediately after construction, the Capital will be level 3, but can be lowered down to level 0 if members of another Alliance successfully attack it.

The maximum level of the Capital is the 20th. The higher the level of your Capital, the more influence points it gives.

There are 3 tabs in the Alliance Capitals window:. If you are the head of the Alliance or have the right to manage the Capital, then here you can also:.

Garrisons tab. In this section, you can view the Alliance troops defending the Capital, as well as send or return reinforcements. Note: Mercenaries and Militias cannot view the Alliance troops guarding the Capital.

Construction of the Capital. The Alliance can have only one Capital, and only the Head can build it. There are several ways to build a capital:.

Transfer of the Capital. You can transfer the Capital using a special item - Capital Transfer, which can be obtained in the Market.

The capital can be moved no more than once every 24 hours. With the transfer, Disciplines will continue to improve, and all reinforcements will remain.

If the attack moves at the time of the transfer to the Capital, the enemy troops will return to the Acropolis.

After construction, the management of the Capital is available only to the Head of the Alliance. In order for other participants to use the Medals and Tools, rename and transfer the Capital, the Chapter must give them management rights.

You can do this on the "My Alliance" tab in the Embassy. All warriors of the Alliance can make their contribution to the development of the Capital by participating in Tournaments and completing tasks for the Alliance, thereby earning the Tools and Medals necessary to increase the level of the Capital and improve Disciplines.

All members of the Alliance can view the history of the use of these resources. If a warrior leaves the Alliance, his troops from the Capital will return to the Acropolis.

Tools and Medals earned in Tournaments and assignments for the Alliance will remain in the account of the Alliance in which it was at the time of receiving the award.

Each Alliance should try to lower the level of the Capital of the enemy. Firstly, after lowering the enemies will not be able to use many bonuses, the effect of which depends on the level of the Capital.

To lower the level of the Capital of the enemy Alliance, you must successfully attack it. For one attack, the Capital can only be reduced by 1 level.

After a successful attack, it is protected from lowering for 24 hours. After raising the Capital to the 5th level, it will be impossible to lower it.

You cannot attack the Capitals of those Alliances with which you have made peace. Raising the level of the Capital.

The capital has 21 levels - from 0 to Raising its level will allow you to get more influence points for your Alliance, as well as increase the Discipline bonus.

To increase the level of the Capital, a number of conditions must be met. Raising the level of the Capital takes a lot of time, but you can speed up this process for Coins ordinary Accelerators can not be used.

It is impossible to cancel the process of raising the level of the Capital. Each Discipline gives bonuses that apply to the troops of all members of the Alliance, which are part of the main structure.

Disciplines apply to all types of troops. Improving Discipline allows your Alliance to gain a bonus to influence.

The higher the level of Discipline, the greater the bonus to influence they give. Improving Disciplines. To increase the Discipline bonus, you need to improve them.

This can be done by the Head of the Alliance or a member who has the right to manage the Capital.

Initially, all Disciplines in the Capital are level 0, but can be upgraded to a maximum of 20th. The higher the level of Disciplines, the greater the bonus they give.

At the same time, the action of the Discipline bonus is limited to the level of the Capital: if the Disciplines are improved to the 20th level, and the Capital is at the 10th, then they will give a bonus of the 10th level.

Improving Disciplines requires Medals - this is a special resource that can be purchased for Coins or obtained by participating in Tournaments and completing tasks for the Alliance.

Successful attacks of the enemy do not affect the level of Disciplines and do not stop their improvement. You cannot upgrade multiple Disciplines at the same time, but you can speed up the improvement using Coins.

To start the war for the liberation of Hellas, you must join the Alliance or create your own. Pantheons are located on the Map of Hellas, capturing and controlling which your Alliance will expand its holdings and take a certain place in the ranking.

Pantheons are under the protection of the forces of Xerxes or other Alliances, so carefully plan actions to capture and hold the object.

Their territory depends on the level of development of the Pantheons. The total territory of all the Pantheons that your Alliance besieged determines its place in the ranking.

In addition, the bonus to the protection of the troops that guard it depends on the level of development of the Pantheon. To improve the Pantheon, you and other warriors in your Alliance need to fill out a training scale with resources.

Any Alliance warrior can send resources to improve the Pantheon. The captured Pantheons are controlled from the Embassy, and you can control the movement of your troops in the Military Council.

Reports on the Pantheons in which your troops are stationed will come to the Counselor. The territory of the Pantheons. The territory of the Pantheons is the area of the territory that their divine power covers.

For Pantheons of the same level, this area may be different, since other, more powerful Pantheons can influence it. The total territory of the two Pantheons standing nearby gives a bonus to the Power, therefore it is beneficial to capture and improve the Pantheons located next to each other.

The Power Index defines a place in the Alliance Ranking. The more Pantheons the Alliance has, the better they are developed and the denser they are grouped, the higher the Alliance Power on the map of Hellas.

Improvement of the Pantheons. To raise the level of the Pantheon, you and other fighters of your Alliance must complete the training scale with resources.

Any Alliance warrior can contribute resources to improve the Pantheon. The Pantheon level rises after the full scale. The cost of one contribution can be from 20, to 50, each resource.

In the case of the capture of the Pantheon by the enemy, all the resources accumulated for improvement will be lost, and he will lose one level of development.

The Pantheon cannot lose more than one level of development in 60 minutes, so you can quickly win it back without additional damage. Map of Hellas.

The map of Hellas is a type of map that shows the political influence of the Alliances. To see the map of Hellas, you must click on the "Map" button, and then on the icon of a different scale in the upper right part of the screen.

Viceroys and Patriarchs of your Alliance can set the status "Enemy" or "Ally" to another Alliance in the "Alliances" tab of the Embassy.

To do this, find the necessary Alliance in the list, click on the icon in the "Status" column and select one of the three proposed ones Neutral, Enemy, Ally.

After that, on the map of Hellas, the territory of this alliance will be colored with the corresponding colors.

In addition, the Pantheons and their level are displayed on the map of Hellas. Pantheons marked with Alliance symbols are captured by these Alliances.

Interaction with the Pantheons in the polis. In order to interact with the Pantheons, join the Alliance or create your own. To control troops in captured objects, open the Pantheons tab in the Embassy.

Here you can view the number of troops in each Pantheon, send additional reinforcements or withdraw troops. The head of the Alliance or its Deputies may also send the orichalcum to other Pantheons.

From the same tab you can go to the Pantheons on the map. In the Pantheon window, the option of replenishment of resources for its improvement is available.

To select the desired item on the context menu, hover over the Pantheon on the map of Hellas. The menu will have the following items:.

Opens the information window for this Pantheon, in which there are three tabs:. The option is available only for Pantheons captured by your alliance.

You can go to any Pantheon using the coordinates in the navigation panel, both on a regular map and on the map of Hellas.

If the Pantheon was captured by the enemy, then all surviving troops will be sent back to the policies of the owners. Why do we need alliances?

Alliances allow players to unite to fight together against the Persian invaders and minions of Xerxes. An alliance is a group of players with a single name, emblem, ideology and goals.

How to join the Alliance or change the Alliance? You can join the Alliance from level 5. Create your own - from the 10th.

To become a warrior of the Alliance, use one of the methods:. You cannot be a member of two Alliances at the same time, but you can leave your Alliance at any time and join a new one or establish your own.

If you are the head of the Alliance, but want to change the Alliance, first transfer your authority to one of the fighters or wait until the Alliance is disbanded.

A list of Greece Alliances can be viewed on the Alliances tab in the Embassy. Here you can see the emblem, description, number of fighters, place in the ranking of Alliances.

In the same list you can find out who leads the Alliance, go to the policy of the Chapter or send him a personal message. How to create an Alliance?

To create your Alliance, go to the "My Alliance" tab in the Embassy, create a symbol, enter a name and pay a fee. Ranks in the Alliance. All fighters of the Alliance have ranks.

The head is the leader of the Alliance. Together with him the reins of power are held by the Viceroys. The Alliance leadership can change the ranks of other fighters, accept and reject applications, invite players to the Alliance, change the description of the Alliance, leave a message for all fighters of the Alliance, exclude participants.

In addition, the Head may appoint Governors and Patriarchs and has the right to disband the Alliance. The patriarchs control the rest of the fighters, carry out the orders of the Head and Viceroys, and also relate to the leadership.

Other fighters can receive such posts:. Alliance management. To manage your Alliance, go to the "My Alliance" tab at the Embassy. Chapters, Viceroys and Patriarchs can change the requirements for participants, update news, consider applications for membership, invite players to the Alliance, exclude them or change their ranks.

Other warriors can view basic information about the development of the Alliance and its members. Also in your Alliance, by default, a set of mercenaries is opened, which the Head of the Alliance can close if desired.

By becoming mercenaries, players will be able to join your Alliance. The Head and Viceroys can establish the status of diplomatic relations with other Alliances the "Status" column in the general list of Alliances in the Embassy building.

If the Alliance warriors do not enter the game for 14 days, they will receive the status "Inactive". Head, Viceroys, Patriarchs, and Veterans can exclude inactive warriors to increase the level of activity of the Alliance.

Joint attack. A joint attack allows several Alliance soldiers to combine their forces into one army for a common powerful attack.

A joint attack can only be commanded by a warrior of the Alliance of high rank Head, Viceroy, Patriarch, Veteran , the titles of the other participants in the operation do not matter.

Collect no more than three members of the same Alliance. A joint attack can be sent to capture the Pantheon. Basic rules for joint attacks:. Each participant in a mass attack can track the movement of their troops on the Map and in the "On the Way" tab of the Military Council.

Losses and experience in battle are distributed among the archons in proportion to the attacking force of the troops sent by them. Each of these Goals has a guaranteed reward for its passage, which can be checked even before successful penetration.

To do this, just move the mouse cursor over the "Attack" and "Defend" buttons. New Story Goals will be unlocked after successfully completing 5 levels of normal Goals and after the reward for the previous Story Goal is collected.

In total, you can complete 24 Story Missions, each of which includes 2 Story Objectives. Personal tasks for completing the Goals. In the "Tasks" section, which is located on the left side of your screen, you can find the quest for completing the usual Goals with the maximum level in your radar.

The chance of receiving a valuable reward for completing such Goals is higher than usual. In addition, for successfully completing quest quest goals, you can get 2 more of these goals with a level 1 higher than the previous one.

Informed - means armed! You can attack and defend the Goals more efficiently using the following tactics: You send one unit to the Goal as a scout in order to find out which Xerxes troops are on this Goal and their number.

After that, you will be able to determine which troops will be more effective in the battle for this Goal, since all troops have different protection indicators from different types of troops.

It is important to take into account the fact which Xerxes troops defend the Target. If the Asvaranes that are most effective against the Cavalry are on the Goal, and you send Horse Agem to this Goal, then your losses will be quite high.

That is why players first send several units in order to determine the type of Xerxes troops that are on this Goal, and after that the rest of the troops to successfully break through the Goal.

For example, it would be more efficient to attack this target with the troops of the Infantry, and not the Cavalry.

Use the Selected troops wisely. Selected troops consume less grain and have better performance than conventional troops.

However, on the Goals, they have the same value when calculating the reward. Therefore, a prudent player will retain his Selected Troops for battles with other players.

It is better to break through the Goals during the Tournaments. By participating in the Goals Tournament, you have the opportunity not only to earn troops on the Goals, but also to receive valuable rewards for participating in the Tournament.

Tournaments for Goals are launched regularly and during their absence, you can replenish the ranks of your army with new trained troops.

This way you will be ready for new battles. Tactics for completing the Goals. Formal Communities are good sources of information, tips, and tactics that can help you complete your Goals.

Learn more about completing the Goals, allowing you to:. In the upper left corner you will see how many game resources you have and how full the internal storage of resource buildings is.

On the right is the Coins panel - replenish the application account to speed up the construction or buy more troops. The top left also has the mail and game rating icons.

In the center is the panel of experience. On the sides of the experience indicator is information about the defense bonus on the right and the number of your troops on the left.

Hire Masters to build and develop more buildings at the same time. The top menu also contains a section for game news here you will find out about the latest updates , information about your exploits, a menu for choosing a language, settings sound, music, animation, a rolling panorama and a button for switching to the Game Guide.

Using the buttons, you can switch to full screen mode recommended or take a screenshot. The side menu on the right allows you to quickly go to the construction section, open the list of agreements or go to the map.

The bottom panel displays your friends. These are the players with whom you are friends in a social network: among them may be your enemies and your allies in the game world.

Mail and chat. Mail and chat are needed to exchange messages with other players. The Mail button is located on the top panel. This menu stores letters received from other players and Leonid.

Outgoing letters are also stored there. To send a new message, select the "Write a letter" tab. In the window that opens, you can select the tab - friends or warriors of the alliance.

Enter your message and click "Submit. The Black List tab contains a list of users from whom you do not want to receive emails. To add a player to the black list, go to the mail and click on the "Add to black list" button near the letter.

After that, he will be moved to the Black List tab, and you will not receive messages from him until you remove him from there.

The Storage tab shows the available sets and chests of the Alliance. Each chest or set has an expiration date, so be sure to check the tab regularly.

To find out your place among other players, click on the "Rating" button. It is located on the top panel. Using the two drop-down menus, you can select the type and significance level of the rating.

By significance level, ratings are divided into Global, Weekly and Current ratings. The global ranking shows the achievements of players for the entire time of the game.

Weekly displays those who took the highest position last week. The current rating shows the current rating of the players.

There are several types of ratings:. By clicking the "Show Me" button in the lower left part of the window, you will see your position in the ranking.

By checking the box next to "Among friends", you will see your position in the ranking among all your friends who fight in Greece. Rating leaders get Coins as a reward!

Experience and levels. Players gain experience when they destroy enemy troops, sign agreements, build and improve buildings, complete game tasks, and send troops to the Goals.

The amount of experience determines the level of the player. Level is necessary not only as an indicator of your progress.

Some gaming features also depend on the level of the player. To move around the map, use the arrows on the keyboard or drag the space with the mouse.

You will see policies with the names of owners and their level. If you are far from your policy, your avatar will appear on the map, which will indicate the direction and distance to the house.

The Feats button is located at the top of the screen. The Feats window shows all the rewards you have received during the game.

Awards are given for the construction and improvement of buildings, the collection of resources at the walls of the polis, participation in battles, the extraction of resources and other achievements.

Use the tips next to each type of reward to understand how to get them. For each Feat you will receive Coins. How to interact with other players?

Communication and battles with other players is the most important and interesting part of the game. To start interaction, use one of the following methods.

In the menu that appears, you can select the desired action - robbery, capture, sending reinforcements, resources, etc. If you are in your policy, you can use the friends panel below.

But remember that only those players with whom you are friends on a social network are displayed there in the game world, they can be enemies and allies.

To interact with other players, you can also use notes in the Military Council, Port or Embassy.

You will receive detailed reports on the results of all your actions. Reports can be sorted by topic. To conduct reconnaissance, sign an agreement with Delphi and buy the Scouts in the Stables.

Now you can send your Scouts into raids on enemy policies. Troops hidden in the Acropolis are not displayed in the intelligence report, even if it was successful.

In the report you will see only the troops in the policy, and the troops of the player himself, and reinforcements from other players. To send intelligence, use the policy menu on the map of Greece , the "Actions" menu inside the policy of another player , the "Contacts" tab in the Military Council, or the friends panel at the bottom of the game window.

The size of the loot is determined by the carrying capacity of your troops and the amount of resources the enemy has. After the robbery, the surviving troops immediately return to your policy.

You can rob anyone, except for players who are protected by a beginner, your allies and members of your alliance. You have 10 robbery attempts per day.

If you run out of limits, you can continue to send units, but they will not bring resources. New attempts are added every 2. You can see the number of available robberies in the Military Council on the "Contacts" tab or on the map when you hover over a foreign policy.

The resources that are hidden in the Acropolis will not go to the robber. Maximum for one robbery, you can take out 50, resources.

To send a detachment for robbery, use the policy menu on the map of Greece , the Actions menu inside the policy of another player , the Contacts tab in the Military Council or the friends panel at the bottom of the game window.

Capture Capture gives you rating points and allows you to collect resources from captured policies. The more policies you capture, the higher your ranking.

You can only collect resources from a limited number of policies under your control. Send a detachment of attacking troops to capture the policy.

If the capture is successful, you will receive an appropriate report, and the policy information will appear in the Military Council on the "Garrisons" tab.

After a successful capture, the extraction of a resource will automatically begin - a tree or bronze. Go to the "Property" tab in the Military Council and see which of the resources you will receive.

Wait until the resource has accumulated enough to collect, and deliver it to your policy. You can change the extracted resource at any time, simply by clicking on its icon.

But keep in mind that a new resource will begin to accumulate from scratch. The more active the player you capture, the more resource you will receive.

If the player is an infrequent guest in the game, then your benefit will be small. To send a squad for capture, use the policy menu on the map of Greece , the "Actions" menu inside the policy of another player , the "Contacts" tab in the Military Council, or the friends panel at the bottom of the game window.

Send reinforcements to your friends and get help from them in order to more effectively defend against enemies. Reinforcements that other players have sent you can be viewed on the Policy tab of the Military Council.

Grain reinforcements are supplied by the policy of their owner. If you sent troops to a friend, keep these troops anyway.

Exchange of resources and terms of agreements. Share resources and terms of agreements to quickly develop your policy. Build a Port to trade.

To carry out the exchange, use the tab "Exchange of resources" and "Exchange of conditions" in the Port. There you can accept offers from other players or create your own using the "Create Offer" button.

Resources and terms of agreements can be given, but there are limits on the number of such gifts. To send a resource or condition as a gift, use the policy menu on the map of Greece , the Actions menu inside the policy of another player , the Contacts tab in the Military Council or the friends panel at the bottom of the game window.

The amount of resources that can be obtained from each policy per week is limited. It is 50, resources. After 7 days from the moment of the attack, the policy can be robbed again.

It is important to remember that the base number of robbery attempts is also limited, and is 10 attempts. Robbery attempts are restored every 2.

The outcome of each battle is determined by the strength of the army of the parties, the quantity in it. In addition to the number of troops, the strength of the army also depends on many factors:.

When native walls help. Experienced advocates know that in addition to bonuses from items, they have a huge advantage in protecting their policies.

The bastions. Get to know your opponent. Each Bastion gives an additional bonus to the defense of all the troops of the garrison. The higher the level of the Bastion, the greater the bonus.

Attacking the Fifth Bastion is unlikely to be an easy walk, unless you have previously completed a successful reconnaissance. The capital of the Alliance and its bonuses.

Many Alliances are betting on improving the Disciplines of their Capital. This provides them with a significant advantage in the form of bonuses to the attacking and defensive characteristics of the troops.

The Discipline Bonus depends on the level of the Alliance Capital. The higher the level of the capital of your rivals, the higher the chance to encounter a strong army, which, in addition to the usual bonuses, is further strengthened by Disciplines.

Losses of the opponent in the combat report. If you lose, in the report you can see only those troops of the opponent that you managed to destroy.

All troops of the opponent in this case will not be visible. Bonus to protect the policy and its impact on the morale of the army. The balance of power on the battlefield.

The result of the battle also depends on the composition of troops on both sides. If Player 1 sends Horse Agem to the attack, and Player 2 is defended mainly by Horse Skirmishers, who are strong against the cavalry troops, then the losses of Player 1 will be significantly higher.

What are protective buildings for? Protective buildings increase the protection of your policy.

Buildings of this type include Walls, Gates and Towers. There is a limit on the number of protective buildings in the policy.

In total, you can build up to 20 Towers. What are decorative buildings for? Decorative buildings not only decorate your policy, but also enhance protection indicators.

The more of them, the more effectively your troops will defend themselves. A mechanic is repairing the towers in your policy.

He can be immediately hired and not involved in battles. If your policy has been attacked after purchasing a Mechanic, it will rebuild your Towers as soon as you return to the game.

If you were in the game when the attack occurred, Tower repair will begin without your team. The number of Mechanics in the policy is limited. Each of them increases the average recovery speed of the Towers, so the maximum recovery time can be significantly reduced.

In addition, the Mechanic restores the ruined Altar of Hermes. You can hire a mechanic by going to the "Construction" menu and opening the "Decorative" tab.

What are military buildings for? Military buildings are necessary for training troops. To train new types of troops, sign agreements with major policies.

These buildings cannot be improved, but you can improve the performance of your troops. In all military buildings there is a line of construction: your orders for training troops get there.

You can speed up learning with Coins. From all military buildings you can quickly go to the Market or to the building of the Military Council.

The hospital is a special building in which you can recover your troops lost during the defense of the policy for free or at Coins. With each next level of the Hospital, the number of troops that can be restored for free increases.

The Hospital building has two tabs:. Light infantry attacking and defensive units are based in the Camp: Swordsmen, Throwers, Archers and Hoplites.

To hire light infantry fighters, sign agreements with Rhodes, Akanf, Ithaca, and Athens. Exhausting trainings of Tureophors, Sarissophors, soldiers of the Trojan phalanx and the Spartan elite take place in the Barracks.

Hall of Fame. In the Hall of Fame, you can recruit friends in your troops - each friend will add one Hero to your army.

These are universal soldiers who attack, defend and take out a lot of resources equally effectively when robbing. To make a friend a Hero, enter the Hall of Fame and click the button below the photo of a friend, or use the bottom panel.

In the Hall of Fame, you can invite a friend to the game. The maximum squad of Heroes is 50 fighters. You can call up three Heroes per day. To summon more Heroes, buy Altars Build menu, Decorative tab.

What are command buildings for? Team buildings are responsible for managing your policy. They are needed to fight, sign agreements, improve soldiers, trade and enter into alliances.

Some buildings are already built when you start the game. Other command buildings can be built in the corresponding tab in the "Construction" menu.

Agora is one of the main command buildings. You can upgrade it to level 20, and with each level of improvement, new buildings will be built and improved faster.

After that, in addition to the usual resources, drawings will be needed to improve the building. Council of Elders.

The Council of Elders accepts new terms of agreements. The higher the level of the Council of Elders, the faster agreements are signed and improved.

The maximum level of the Council of Elders is the 20th. In this building, you can see what terms of agreements you already have, then sell them for resources or create an exchange offer in Porto.

Council of War. In the building of the Military Council, you can manage all military operations and contacts with other players.

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Here you can see the emblem, description, number of fighters, place in the ranking of Alliances. Choose the Alliance Does Neteller Work In Usa and for all. In addition to the general award, each warrior will also receive a personal one. In the Grove, a tree is mined for your policy. After this period, the Kits will be unavailable for opening and can only be deleted. To increase the level of the building to the maximum, in addition Vera John No Deposit the usual resources, you will need Drawings. To build the Temple of Asclepius:. The Feats button is located at the top of the screen. The window of the commander. Assassins can Intrusion 2 bought on the "Attacking" tab in the Market. Types of skills. Bereite ein Video oder einen Text für dieses Spiel vor. Sparta: War of Empires. Leitende Entwickler. Jogos De Fazer Tatuagem mit einer mächtigen Armee solltest du jedoch nie die Macht der Diplomatie unterschätzen.
Sparta: War Of Empires
Sparta: War Of Empires
Sparta: War Of Empires The potion gives a permanent bonus, which will remain valid until it is removed from the activation panel. Barn grain. If the hero fell in Betting Forums, you can pick him up again when Ambrosia appears in the Hall of Fame. The statue of Hephaestus helps to get more bronze for the policy. Sparta: War of Empires. October 27 · New: Champion Agreements Upgrade your Champion Units and Conquer All of Hellas! Archons, Our mightiest heroes become ever. Video tutorial, como usar el la calculadora sparta war of empires Link de la pagina: musica: Listen to the si. Sparta: War of Empires. , likes · talking about this. Enter the ancient mythical world of Sparta – War of Empires™. Command your people as their mighty Leader. The choice is yours, the. Passage of Sparta War of Empires: Tips, WIKI, Reviews. SPARTA WAR OF EMPIRES - browser game from the company Plarium. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Welcome to the OFFICIAL Sparta: War of Empires online forum! Get the latest news! Discuss strategy with other players, get tips and find answers! Join today!.
Sparta: War Of Empires Set in Greece in the 5th century BC, Sparta: War of Empires immerses gamers into the role of a lord returned from an ongoing war against Xerxes and the Persian Empire, where politics and diplomacy. Sparta: War of Empires is a Plarium game which has very detailed Ancient Greek theme at background and scenario of the game. You will build your own Greek Empire on this game and fight against other colonies. There are many quests and events on the game which is exciting for players/10(9). Sparta War of Empires: Capture the Flag Tournament. During the Capture the Flag Tournament, you will fight for the flags! Each Alliance participating in the Tournament has one flag at its disposal. Hold your flag and collect as many enemy flags as possible to get Points. If the Alliance retains its flag before the end of the Tournament, it will.


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